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Tips to Decorate Your Party Tent!


When looking to decorate your party tent, there may be tons of options to go with. You may be thinking about color schemes, themes, and other decorations that can help completely elevate your tent. Party tent decoration can completely bring your event to life and provide unique details for that celebration alone. Whether for a birthday party, graduation party, engagement party, and everything in between, here are a few helpful tips to help decorate your party tent!


          Fabrics and Ribbons Galore

It’s important to think of your party tent in an undecorated state as a blank canvas where the decoration possibilities are endless. Many people choose to decorate with tons of colorful fabrics and ribbons. You can drape fabrics over the tent frame and tent poles, as well as weave ribbons throughout poles. You can also hang ribbons to add a colorful pop!


          Light Up Your Tent

String lights are the perfect decoration to add a mystical glow to your tent and create ambiance! You can also use hanging lanterns or globes to create a warm atmosphere that draws your guests in. For weddings, you may even want to look into rattan chandeliers or suspended candles to help bring ethereal touches of light into your celebration.


          Don’t Forget the Exterior

We focus so much on the decoration of the interior of the tent that we don’t show the exterior some love, too. However, this is a perfect opportunity to play with some fabrics, ribbons, balloons, and other amazing decorations that can be taped or draped on the tent’s exterior to give it a completely new look as well!


          A Grand Entrance

Going all out on your tent entrance can provide a beautiful area for photos and to give guests a glimpse of the lavish decorations that go inside. Use fabrics, floral details, arches, and other decorative items to help your guests make a grand entrance into an even grander celebration.


          Suspended Florals

Whether a birthday party, engagement party, or wedding party, a green thumb can completely alter the look of a party tent. You could hang chandeliers thanks to the high ceiling of a tent, or you could go even further and hang gorgeous floral arrangements. Your tent will look like something out of a fairy tale!


          Have Screen Time

If your tent has side walls, then you can project a cool lightshow, picture slideshow, or something else to instantly boost your decor. Even at a company event, you could project the company’s logo or a slideshow with photos from other company events! This is a super easy way of decoration that may even provide entertainment!


When it comes to decorating your party tent, you want to explore cool and unique ways to add flair to your tent for that special occasion. If you are still looking into a tent rental in San Francisco, turn to Town & Country Event Rentals! Bring your decor vision to life in your party tent for a night you and your guests will never forget!


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