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Tips to Preparing Your Home for a New Puppy

Without a doubt, bringing home a new puppy can be stressful for both the dog and your family. However, with advanced planning and a little extra effort, you can make this transition easier. From arranging a family meeting to stocking the right supplies and creating the perfect living space, you can bring your new puppy home with ease.


Let’s discuss everything you need to consider before bringing your puppy home!


5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a New Puppy


Follow these tips to help your new puppy adjust quickly to your home.


Arrange a Family Meeting


Purchasing a new puppy is undoubtedly a big commitment. Before arranging for your puppy to come home, make sure that everyone in your family is on board. This should be an exciting time in your household. Still, you should make sure everyone is prepared to share the extra responsibilities.


Not only will there be a new addition to your household, but you’ll need to set some additional family rules to keep your house in order. Will you allow the dog on your couch or bed? Where will your new dog sleep? Get the whole family involved in the rule and decision-making process.


Stock Up Supplies


It’s recommended that you buy all basics before you bring your puppy home so you can focus on getting them settled without having to run to the store. Here’s a list of things you will need to prepare your home for a new puppy!


  • Leash and collar
  • Chew toys
  • Crate
  • Bed
  • Stain removing cleaners
  • Odor removing cleaners
  • Puppy gates
  • Food
  • Water bowls
  • Treats
  • Potty training items


You should have a veterinarian in mind before your puppy comes home. Talk to them for recommendations on the right food options to keep your puppy healthy.


Prepare Your Home


This step requires a little more work than other steps. Puppies are prone to chew things, and they get into many things they shouldn’t. No matter how old you are, you should keep things organized in the house. This will limit your puppy from having the means to get into trouble.

Use a puppy gate to block off a decent space for the puppy, so they won’t eat anything that’s not good for their health. Keep them contained in this area, preventing accidents while you are not with them.


Create a Schedule


Take some time to create a schedule. Everyone is getting used to this new addition in your house, especially your puppy. Puppies thrive on routine. Creating a plan will not only make things easier for the entire family, but it will also help with training.


Be Excited


Most importantly, have fun with your new addition. Get the whole family excited about the puppy’s arrival. While you don’t want to scare your new pup, enjoy the time now. Before you know it, they’ll be a full-grown dog!


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