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Water Leak Repair 101: Fixing a Leaky Toilet

Water leaks are something you should never ignore. Even a tiny leak can cause catastrophic damage to your property and require costly repairs. Typically, plumbing leaks are easy to spot. Still, it’s essential to know the signs if you want to avoid expensive damage. This article will talk about how to find and repair one of the most common plumbing issues-toilet leaks. Let’s dive in!


How Do I Know There’s a Water Leak?


Before you can fix a leak, you need to know the common signs to identify a problem. Here are some easy ways to identify a leaky toilet:


  1. Puddles of water on the bathroom floor
  2. Slow, steady drips from the piping system or around the toilet
  3. Toilets that are frequently running
  4. Unusual noises or strange smells in your bathroom
  5. Ripples around the edges of water in your toilet bowl


In some cases, leaky toilets aren’t obvious. Many leaks go undetected until there is significant damage. Watch for a rise in your monthly water bills for hidden leaks. If you notice a substantial spike in your bill without any change to your daily habits, it’s time to call a professional plumber for an inspection.


How Can I Check for a Leaky Toilet?


If you want to find out that your toilet is leaking, the classic food coloring trick always works. Add a few drops of food coloring drops into your toilet tank and wait for ten minutes. Don’t flush the toilet during this time! After ten minutes, check the water in the bowl. If the coloring has seeped from the tank into your toilet bowl, then you might have a leaky toilet that needs to be repaired.


How Much Do Toilet Repairs Cost?


Small leaks and minor toilet issues are don’t typically cost a lot to repair if you hire someone immediately. With any plumbing leak, the longer you wait, the more you’ll have to spend on repairs. That’s why you should call a plumber immediately for help. If you wait to hire someone for repairs or choose to ignore the issue, you can end up with significant water damage that costs thousands of dollars in repairs.



What Causes Toilets to Leak?


The most common cause of toilet leaks comes from the deterioration of parts, especially the seals. Around the base of your toilet is a wax seal that keeps the water in. If that seal breaks, loosens or wears down, you may notice a leak from the base of the toilet. Damage to the bowl or tank, pipe corrosion, flapper problems, and fill valve issues are other common causes of toilet leaks. If you think you have a problem, your local plumber can inspect the issue, determine the cause of the leak, and provide fast and effective repairs.


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