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Why Is There a Foul Smell Coming From My Kitchen Sink?

You’re in the kitchen, getting ready to cook a delicious dinner. Maybe you’re having a snack after work before a relaxing bath. When suddenly, it hits you. An overwhelming foul smell that is coming from your kitchen sink. You look around the area. There doesn’t seem to be anything on your sink that could account for the bad smell. So what could it be? This may be a worrying problem that afflicts your sink, but there can be quite a few reasons. For example:


  • A Greasy Drain- It’s long been advised that you should not pour oil and grease down the drains. For good reason, too. When you pour too much oil and fat down your kitchen sink’s drain, the oil and fat can harden and rot, producing a very bad odor. This is a common reason why a bad smell may be coming from your kitchen sink.


  • P-Trap Malfunction- What does the p-trap do? The p-trap can separate the drain line from the fixture (in this case the kitchen sink) and block bad odors. How can you tell something is wrong with the p-trap? When your kitchen sink drains water, the noise is usually quiet and smooth. A malfunctioning p-trap will make that draining water sound noisy, and there may be strange smells as it drains as


  • Mold- Sometimes the smell may not even be coming from your drain or sink, it may be in the surrounding area or underneath it. If there is a leak in your pipe, the water can escape from the pipe and soak into the other materials around it. This may cause mold and mildew to develop, along with a bad odor.


  • Food Particles in the Drainpipe- Though many people are confident tossing food scraps into their garbage disposal can completely get rid of them, this is not always the case. Food waste may end up getting stuck in the pipes of your kitchen sink, which turns into a blockage. Food accumulates, causes a blockage, hardens, and results in a stubborn clog with a foul smell to boot.


  • Clogged Sewer Vent- When your sink is not draining as it should and smells bad, this may also have to do with a clogged sewer vent. Gasses that may normally travel out of your drain get clogged and build up, causing a very bad odor to arise. There may also be accompanying drainage problems, too.

When it comes to a foul smell coming from your kitchen sink, the best thing you can do is call a professional to take a look and properly diagnose the issue. If you are looking for a reliable plumber in Pasadena or a plumber in Los Angeles who can take an expert eye to your kitchen sink, call the team at Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning! You don’t have to deal with a smelly kitchen sink on your own, let a professional team handle the matter, so you can get back to what really matters!

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